Can I add motion effects to my videos?

Yes! Tribute Center offers professional pan and zoom effects that allow you to add motion to your Tribute Videos with just a few clicks of the mouse. Either add these elements manually or use our smart movie creation tools to add motion effects automatically.

Can I scan in photos I've gathered from my families?

Yes. You have a few different options when it comes to scanning in photos. There’s the traditional option, where you scan individual photos into a single folder and then import them into Tribute Center from that location. However, you also can use our custom scanning component that we’ve built right into Tribute Center to scan in multiple photos at a time and separate them within our software program before adding them to your videos.


If you do a high volume of calls, you might also find it worthwhile to invest in a Kodak High-Speed Scanner. Many of our customers find that this product — which can scan as many as 40 photos a minute — pays for itself in just a month or two.

Is it difficult to match up the photos and music in my videos?

Definitely not! Our auto-sync feature will automatically adjust the display length of each image depending on the amount of music you’ve added to the clip. If you want your images to display for shorter or longer periods of time, simply adjust the length of your music files — Tribute Center will do the rest.

Is there a limit on the number of photos I can include in my videos?

No. You can include as many photos as you’d like. However, for the best viewing experience, we recommend including between 20 and 50 images. This keeps your Tribute Videos engaging without becoming too long to view comfortably during a service.

Can I view my videos before they're completed?

Yes. Unlike with other Tribute Video creation tools, Tribute Center offers a live preview option that allows you to watch your entire video with minimal rendering time. Our customers find this feature especially helpful when determining whether or not edits are needed for an existing video project.

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