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500+ Customizable Themes

Use Tribute Center to easily customize your memorial products using these or any of our other 500+ stationery themes, preloaded verses and stylized text messages.

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Frazer Consultants Custom Stationery Themes

Features You Need

Tribute Center was built to serve the needs of the funeral industry, because funeral professionals are the only customers we work with.


Whether you want to create stunning tribute videos or custom funeral stationery, Tribute Center offers the industry’s easiest to use all-in-one personalization suite. Our simple “drag and drop” editing features make it easy to create stunning memorial items with just a few clicks of your mouse.


You’ve got better things to do than to copy and paste the same content over and over again for every tribute project you want to create. With Tribute Center, you can enter the decedent’s information once and then easily transfer the data and pictures you’ve imported from one project type to the next.


With more than 500 stationery themes, 65 video intros and endings, and other stock content pieces, Tribute Center gives you the tools you need to create high-value tribute keepsakes.  Plus, our Online Theme Viewer lets families get involved in the design process – saving you time and increasing their satisfaction.


Great for funeral homes with more than one location!  Need to edit your Tribute Center projects from multiple computers at multiple locations? No problem. With our Cloud Sync feature, you can easily access and manage your memorial projects from any computer – no matter where in your business you are.

Download Tribute Center now to start creating your own personalized memorial products!