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How do I install Tribute Center?

To install Tribute Center, click here and fill out the form to download the software installation file. Once the file has downloaded completely, follow the prompts that appear on your screen to complete the installation (you may need to install additional plugins or drivers as required by the program).


If you would like a member of our staff to install the Tribute Center for you remotely, please give our support team a call at 866-372-9372.

What is the cost to download Tribute Center?

There is no cost to download and install the Tribute Center program, nor is there any charge for software updates, ongoing support, or product training. You also can install the program on as many computers as you like at no cost.


Depending on the type of project you create, you may be assessed a credit fee. Credits are billed according to the package rates described below.

How much do you charge for credits?

Tribute Center credits are sold in packages at the following rates. The cost per credit goes down as you purchase larger packages of credits.


100 Credits$1.00 per credit
300 Credits$0.95 per credit
500 Credits$0.90 per credit
1,000 Credits$0.80 per credit
2,000 Credits$0.75 per credit
5,000 Credits$0.70 per credit

After you load up your account with credits, we deduct credits on a per-project basis according to the following guidelines:


Life Journey Stationery Items2 Credits
Life Journey CandleFree
DVD Video Tribute20 Credits
Online Tribute VideoFree for 45 Days
Life Journey Grave MarkerFree
Webcasting (delayed or live)40 Credits

When you are creating a project, we only charge credits for the first item created — after that, all duplicates of the same item are free. If, for example, you create a set of memorial folders for your customer, your total cost will be 2 credits, whether you print 100 or 100,000 folders.

Can I use Tribute Center on a PC and a Mac?

Currently, Tribute Center supports PC computers running Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. If your funeral home uses a Mac, you can install Tribute Center if you install and use a parallel desktop program like Parallels or Boot Camp.

What kind of printer should I use with Tribute Center?

Nearly all existing commercial desktop and inkjet printers integrate with Tribute Center and allow you to print custom tribute items in-house using our blank stock. If you have any printing issues, contact our support team at 866-372-9372 for assistance.

We can't wait for you to see everything Tribute Center has to offer. Take a look today!