Do I have to carry an inventory of different themes?

No. Our Tribute Center software works with blank, pre-perforated paper stock to create all of the different product types featured on the Capabilities page. This saves your funeral home the storage space needed to carry dozens of different pre-printed designs and reduces the risk of having expensive stock going unsold.

Isn't it too expensive to print on-demand?

No. If you’re concerned about excess printing costs, we recommend moving to a fixed cost-per-page printing program with your local copy shop. Doing so will allow you to print high-quality memorial stationery products without the expense of traditional desktop printers.

Can we import from our funeral management software?

Yes! Tribute Center is compatible with most of the major funeral management software programs. For more information on how to connect Tribute Center with your system, call our technical support team at 866-372-9372.

How can I market my stationery to my customers?

Most of our customers prefer to pre-bundle our stationery products before retailing them to the families they serve. To assist you in creating your own bundles, we’ve created a sample document featuring Good, Better, Best packages that outline your estimated profit at different price points. For further marketing assistance, contact our sales team at 866-372-9372.

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