Explore the power that digital registry can bring to your funeral home

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Photo Keepsake Books

With just a few clicks, transfer the information gathered by Tribute eGuest into a professionally-printed, Shutterfly-quality Tribute Guestbook. Your families will love our fresh, modern take on the traditional funeral register book.

Thank-You Cards

Use your Tribute eGuest data to create customized thank-you cards and mailing labels. Choose from Frazer Consultants’ 500+ stationery designs to easily coordinate your thank-you cards with other memorial items. Print your thank-you cards in-house or have them professionally printed to suit your family’s wishes.

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Address Labels

After the services are complete, impress your families with high-end mailing labels that can be produced in Tribute Center with a few clicks of the mouse. Export the addresses of all service attendees to save your customers time throughout the thank-you card mailing process — they’ll appreciate your thoughtful assistance during their most difficult times.


Use Tribute eGuest to automatically send service attendees branded post-service follow-up messages to share grief support resources, ideas for assisting the family and more.

Preneed Leads

Use the data gathered in Tribute eGuest to expand your preneed marketing lists.

We’re the only company offering age verification tools that provide the age of service attendees so that you can best allocate your marketing resources.

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