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Frequently Asked Questions

Tribute Center

How do I install Tribute Center?

To install Tribute Center, click here and fill out the form to download the software installation file. Once the file has downloaded completely, follow the prompts that appear on your screen to complete the installation (you may need to install additional plugins or drivers as required by the program).


If you would like a member of our staff to install the Tribute Center for you remotely, please give our support team a call at 866-372-9372.

What is the cost to download Tribute Center?

There is no cost to download and install the Tribute Center program, nor is there any charge for software updates, ongoing support, or product training. You also can install the program on as many computers as you like at no cost.


Depending on the type of project you create, you may be assessed a credit fee. Credits are billed according to the package rates described below.

How much do you charge for credits?

Tribute Center credits are sold in packages at the following rates. The cost per credit goes down as you purchase larger packages of credits.


100 Credits$1.00 per credit
300 Credits$0.95 per credit
500 Credits$0.90 per credit
1,000 Credits$0.80 per credit
2,000 Credits$0.75 per credit
5,000 Credits$0.70 per credit

After you load up your account with credits, we deduct credits on a per-project basis according to the following guidelines:


Life Journey Stationery Items2 Credits
Life Journey CandleFree
DVD Video Tribute20 Credits
Online Tribute VideoFree for 45 Days
Life Journey Grave MarkerFree
Webcasting (delayed or live)40 Credits

When you are creating a project, we only charge credits for the first item created — after that, all duplicates of the same item are free. If, for example, you create a set of memorial folders for your customer, your total cost will be 2 credits, whether you print 100 or 100,000 folders.

Can I use Tribute Center on a PC and a Mac?

Currently, Tribute Center supports PC computers running Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10. If your funeral home uses a Mac, you can install Tribute Center if you install and use a parallel desktop program like Parallels or Boot Camp.

What kind of printer should I use with Tribute Center?

Nearly all existing commercial desktop and inkjet printers integrate with Tribute Center and allow you to print custom tribute items in-house using our blank stock. If you have any printing issues, contact our support team at 866-372-9372 for assistance.


Do I have to carry an inventory of different themes?

No. Our Tribute Center software works with blank, pre-perforated paper stock to create all of the different product types featured on the Capabilities page. This saves your funeral home the storage space needed to carry dozens of different pre-printed designs and reduces the risk of having expensive stock going unsold.

Isn't it too expensive to print on-demand?

No. If you’re concerned about excess printing costs, we recommend moving to a fixed cost-per-page printing program with your local copy shop. Doing so will allow you to print high-quality memorial stationery products without the expense of traditional desktop printers.

Can we import from our funeral management software?

Yes! Tribute Center is compatible with most of the major funeral management software programs. For more information on how to connect Tribute Center with your system, call our technical support team at 866-372-9372.

How can I market my stationery to my customers?

Most of our customers prefer to pre-bundle our stationery products before retailing them to the families they serve. To assist you in creating your own bundles, we’ve created a sample document featuring Good, Better, Best packages that outline your estimated profit at different price points. For further marketing assistance, contact our sales team at 866-372-9372.


Can I add motion effects to my videos?

Yes! Tribute Center offers professional pan and zoom effects that allow you to add motion to your Tribute Videos with just a few clicks of the mouse. Either add these elements manually or use our smart movie creation tools to add motion effects automatically.

Can I scan in photos I've gathered from my families?

Yes. You have a few different options when it comes to scanning in photos. There’s the traditional option, where you scan individual photos into a single folder and then import them into Tribute Center from that location. However, you also can use our custom scanning component that we’ve built right into Tribute Center to scan in multiple photos at a time and separate them within our software program before adding them to your videos.


If you do a high volume of calls, you might also find it worthwhile to invest in a Kodak High-Speed Scanner. Many of our customers find that this product — which can scan as many as 40 photos a minute — pays for itself in just a month or two.

Is it difficult to match up the photos and music in my videos?

Definitely not! Our auto-sync feature will automatically adjust the display length of each image depending on the amount of music you’ve added to the clip. If you want your images to display for shorter or longer periods of time, simply adjust the length of your music files — Tribute Center will do the rest.

Is there a limit on the number of photos I can include in my videos?

No. You can include as many photos as you’d like. However, for the best viewing experience, we recommend including between 20 and 50 images. This keeps your Tribute Videos engaging without becoming too long to view comfortably during a service.

Can I view my videos before they're completed?

Yes. Unlike with other Tribute Video creation tools, Tribute Center offers a live preview option that allows you to watch your entire video with minimal rendering time. Our customers find this feature especially helpful when determining whether or not edits are needed for an existing video project.


How is Tribute eGuest different from other digital register books on the market?

Right now, there are a handful of companies in the funeral profession offering digital register books, but Frazer Consultants is also the only company that’s able to generate true keepsake-quality mementos from the digital information gathered. We believe that the superior character of our Shutterfly-quality guestbooks and custom thank-you cards will lead to greater customer satisfaction and more reorders compared to traditional three- or six-ring binder register books and stock stationery.

How long will it take me to create a Tribute Guestbook?

Using Tribute eGuest, you can create Shutterfly-quality guestbooks that your families are sure to treasure (and reorder) in less than 10 minutes.

Guestbooks are created within our Tribute Center software, using the same drag-and-drop program that our customers have fallen in love with for their stationery, candle, and Tribute DVD needs. Our guestbooks are based on templates — all you have to do is drag pictures into the appropriate areas and our software program will do the rest. Your guestbook will be automatically pre-populated with standard register book information (including family record and event details), online condolences, and your funeral home’s branding details.

What if my families don't have any pictures?

While having family pictures can make our guestbooks and thank-you cards really pop, we know that you also serve families who don’t have any photos to share. To help accommodate these situations, we’ve also pre-designed templates using our existing stationery themes and stock images that allow you to create eye-catching mementos without any personal pictures.

How do my families get their Thank You cards?

All thank-you cards are printed in-house with your printer. You’ll be able to design thank-you cards within Tribute Center and print them out onto blank Frazer stock — the same way you’ve always done your thank-you cards. You’ll also be able to print out professionally-designed address labels to make the mailing process as easy as possible for your families.*


*Note: There may be a short delay after the service while electronic data conversion and verification take place.

How can I use Tribute eGuest in my preneed marketing?

Once you’ve gathered guest names and addresses, you can add this information to your preneed marketing lists for future promotions.


However, to make this information as useful as possible, we also added an optional age recognition feature that will compare your guest sign-in information to public records databases in order to determine the age of each attendee. This will help you separate the signature of a 10-year-old from a 55-year-old for marketing purposes.

Do I have to have a Frazer Consultants website to use Tribute eGuest?

No, you don’t need to have a Frazer Consultants website to use eGuest, but having one will allow you to create even richer guestbooks. If you utilize our website services, you’ll be able to automatically import any messages and/or icons left on the online memorial walls of the deceased into pre-formatted layouts within your guestbook. This creates an even more meaningful memento for your families.


If you don’t utilize our web services, you can still copy and paste online condolences into our blank guestbook page templates, but this process will be significantly more time-consuming.

How are Tribute Center credits billed?

To use Tribute eGuest, a 20-credit charge will be assessed on a per-service basis to cover the data conversion and verification process. Tribute Center credits are sold in packages at the following rates, with the cost of each credit decreasing as you purchase larger credit quantities:

  • 100 Credits – $1.00 per credit
  • 300 Credits – $0.95 per credit
  • 500 Credits – $0.90 per credit
  • 1,000 Credits – $0.80 per credit
  • 2,000 Credits – $0.75 per credit
  • 5,000 Credits – $0.70 per credit

Credits can be purchased within the Tribute Center software program using a credit card or by calling our support staff at 866-372-9372.

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