Download our Facebook Live Guide here.


Before going live on Facebook, check out these dos and don’ts for Facebook Live with funerals. First off, you should choose a laptop with a built-in camera. A smartphone doesn’t give you as many options as a laptop does. Instead of relying on your laptop’s battery, use your wall adapter. It’s also a good idea to run a test before starting a live video. If you’re using copyrighted music and content, make sure you have the proper licenses and consent to do so.  


If you plan to share a live video publicly to your Business account, get permission from the family beforehand. You also can share the live video link to the loved one’s Tribute Wall on your Frazer-powered funeral home website. Don’t tell your families Facebook allows an invite-only link to live videos since this isn’t possible. You can either share it publicly from your business account, or from a personal account, the sharing options are limited to Friends, Friends of Friends, and Public.