Funeral directors are busy people, so we’re here to help. As the Senior Content Specialist here at Frazer, I write the free content available on our Resources Page. We have a library of eBooks on a variety of topics, such as alternative burials and self-care.


Each month, we put out a new social media kit filled with pre-made posts and images that you can post to your funeral home’s social media pages. With our free media kits, easily market your Frazer products, such as your website, Tribute Pay, or Tribute Insurance Assignments. They come with social media posts and a press release.


Read our case studies to get a detailed look at why funeral homes love being a part of the Frazer team. Every other month, we publish our magazine: The Meaningful Funeral. Each issue is on a variety of topics, such as social media and saving time.


We offer a lot of resources, so get started with one of the most important ones: self-care. To learn more about self-care, click here to download our free eBook.