Close up of Tribute Wall on a laptop


Written by Jenny Goldade


Grieving while social distancing is difficult, but online resources can make it a little easier. With Tribute Wall on Frazer-powered funeral home websites, families have an online place to come together. It lets them grieve and honor their loved one while supporting the grieving family. 


Below are some ways you can help your client families make the most of Tribute Wall while social distancing. 


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Post and Share Messages 

On a loved one’s Tribute Wall, families can share condolences and stories about their loved one — along with photos and videos. They also can leave virtual symbols and light virtual candles. People can “like” posts and leave comments to start meaningful conversations. If they’re logged in via Facebook when they post, their profile picture shows to make conversations even more personal. 


To help spread the word, families can share their condolence messages and/or their loved one’s obituary to social media. Additionally, your funeral home’s staff can export all the condolence messages into a PDF memento for families. 


Watch Videos 

Families can watch their loved one’s Tribute Video and funeral service. With our Tribute Center software, you can easily create a Tribute Video with a family’s photos and share it to their loved one’s Tribute Wall. 


If you’re live streaming their loved one’s funeral service via Facebook Live, you can share the link to their loved one’s Tribute Wall. This way, people can virtually attend the funeral or watch it later. To learn how to live stream funerals with Facebook Live and add them to Tribute Wall, check out our instructions guide. 


Plant a Tree 

Planting a tree is a unique tribute that preserves the environment like no other memorial gift. With our Memorial Tree Program, our forestry partners plant the trees in the areas of greatest need throughout North America. This way, families can honor their loved one while positively impacting the environment and people’s lives. For example, trees lower anxiety and blood pressure, clean our air and water, and combat climate change — just to name a few benefits. 


Donate to Tribute Crowdfunding Campaign 

If there’s an active Tribute Crowdfunding campaign, families can make a monetary donation to show their support from afar. They also can see any charity websites listed under Memorial Contributions and make monetary donations in their loved one’s name. 


Want to learn more about Tribute Wall and social distancing? Click here to view our guide.