Hi, I’m Vance Vlasak, an account executive here at Frazer Consultants and today I’m going to talk to you about Tribute Pay. Tribute Pay is our fully inclusive online payment platform that’s available for all Frazer website clients. It allows the funeral home to connect their bank account of choice to the admin panel of their website.


There’re four payment options available inside the Tribute Pay platform: online credit card processing, integrated crowdfunding, there’s a financing feature connected to eleven different online lenders, as well as insurance assignments. Each of the four payment modules has unique benefits for the funeral home.


Tribute Pay will allow their families to pay for their bill online via credit card, debit card, or eCheck. Our financing feature is connected to eleven different online lenders, and there’s no liability or recourse to the funeral home. With our crowdfunding feature, we give the funeral home control of the funds, so they can ensure that those funds are going towards that funeral service bill. And our insurance assignments feature is going to help cut down on those accounts receivable. 


All of these payment features are great for the families you serve, because they offer many different convenient ways for them to pay for their funeral service bill.


To learn more about our Tribute Pay platform features, please click here to schedule a free demo.