Laptop with Frazer-powered funeral home website


Written by Jenny Goldade


Does it seem like there’s never enough time in your day to get everything done? Don’t worry, you’re definitely not alone. Busy, unpredictable schedules are the norm for funeral professionals.


So, what’s the solution?


By finding ways to save time, your funeral home’s staff can be more productive and check more items off your to-do lists. One major way you can be more productive is by having a Frazer-powered funeral home website. With all the features it includes, your staff’s day-to-day tasks will become much simpler.


Below are some must-have Frazer-powered funeral home website features and how they help with productivity.


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Preplanning Form

By having an online preplanning form on your funeral home’s website, you can help families start the funeral preplanning process on their own. Then, they can submit it, and your staff can follow up with them to schedule a meeting time. This way, they meet with your funeral home’s staff once they have more of an idea of what they what.


Of course, you should express they can always come to you with questions if they’re ever unsure. But by having this website form, it saves your staff time when meeting with the family about their funeral plans. All Frazer-powered funeral home websites come with a convenient online preplanning form.


Online Payment Options

Online payment options also save both you and your families’ time. Instead of having to meet with you in-person to pay the funeral expenses, they can do it online from the comfort of their own home. It’s also less paperwork for your funeral home’s staff to fill out and keep track of.


Frazer websites come with Tribute Pay, our all-in-one payment center. Not only does it accept credit card payments and eChecks, but it also has crowdfunding, financing, and life insurance assignments capabilities. All of Tribute Pay’s features are designed to create less paperwork for your staff and an overall quick and easy process for everyone involved.


Educational Resources

By having educational resources on your funeral home’s website, you can save your staff from repeatedly answering the same questions. For example, Frazer websites come with an FAQ page to help answer families’ recurring questions. From what to wear to a funeral to burial types, they’ll appreciate this helpful information.


There are many other online resources you can offer to answer families’ questions without taking up your staff’s time, such as by:

  • Starting a blog on your website
  • Sharing links to grief resources
  • Creating inspirational infographics
  • Including details about your funeral home’s products, services, and prices

Then, when a family calls your funeral home, they already have a basic understanding of your offerings and you don’t have to start from the beginning.


Smart Integrations

Frazer-powered funeral home websites have smart integrations to eliminate double data entry and other time-sucking tasks. They integrate with the top answering services and data management software, in addition to our all-in-one personalization suite Tribute Center. This way, you only have to enter the deceased’s information once and can create an endless amount of memorial products.


Tribute Store also makes flower orders easier for everyone. Families can order flowers directly on their loved one’s Tribute Wall. Our staff also handles all the customer service. Only you can do what you do, so let our staff and your Frazer-powered funeral home website handle these tasks for you.