Hi, I’m Jenny Goldade, the senior content specialist here at Frazer. You understand more than most that when a loved one dies, it can be difficult for families to adjust to life without them. That’s why I’d like to share a few ideas to help families create unique memorials, honoring their loved one’s memory while grieving their loss. 


Photos are powerful reminders of our fond memories with our loved ones. Families can decorate a memorial frame, or make a photo wreath with fake flowers. 


Writing also provides a meaningful outlet for grief. Encourage families to start a memory journal or write a poem. 


Traditions are a great way for families to grieve and honor their loved one together. One idea is to finish any items on their bucket list, such as traveling to a new country. Encourage families to share memories of their loved one around the dinner table. They can plan an outing to their favorite restaurant or stay at home and make their signature dish. 


Many consider pets as part of the family, so it’s important to find ways to memorialize them as well. You could suggest making a clay paw print, a paw print painting, or making jewelry from their pet tags. 


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