Hi, I’m Lexie Graf, a content specialist at Frazer. In my weekly blog ‘Funeral Home Happenings’, I highlight the great things funeral directors do for their communities. By getting involved in the community, you’re getting to know the families you’ll eventually serve while also establishing a positive brand. 


Hosting or sponsoring an event is a great way to get involved. Your funeral home could hold an educational seminar thats free and open to everyone, discussing topics like preplanning or end-of-life options.


Or, you could host a more familyfriendly event like a movie screening. Movies such as Up and We Bought a Zoo address grief and memorialization and they’re also age-appropriate for kids. 


Your funeral home could also host a remembrance program during the holiday season. Giving families a chance to honor their loved ones is a great way to show your funeral home cares. 


Another way to get involved is to volunteer for a local cause. You and your staff could offer to plant trees or volunteer your time at a local animal shelter or food bank. By showing your community how selfless you and your staff are, they will trust you to help their family during their time of need. 


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