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Written by Jenny Goldade


You already know how important it is for your funeral home to be active on social media. However, we know that as funeral directors, you’re busy people. As much as you’d like to, it’s difficult to find the time to brainstorm and craft engaging social media posts.


That’s why we’ve been working hard on something here at Frazer that we’re excited to now offer: social media packages! With these packages, managing your funeral home’s social media pages will be much easier. We have a variety of social media packages, with some being more hands off and others going more in-depth.


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Free Social Media Kit

Every month, your funeral home can use the social media posts included in this free kit. It includes four Facebook posts and four Instagram posts. Click here to download your free social media kit!


One-Time Setup Package

This package is made for firms with no social media presence. With a one-time fee, we will set up your Facebook account so that it’s optimized for your firm. This includes creating and formatting your profile picture and cover photo, writing a compelling About section, setting up your services and reviews tabs, creating calls to action, and helping you set up a message response manager to automatically respond to messages to your page if you can’t get to them right away.


Package 2

For this package, we post on your Facebook page twice a week on your behalf. We have a bank of successful posts that we will use to reach more people in your community. We also do Facebook advertising management for a recommended monthly Facebook advertising budget of $100 ad spend minimum, not included in package price.


Package 3

This is the most extensive package option. Every week, we post three to five times on your Facebook account on your behalf. The posts are completely customized and unique to your firm, including links to your funeral home’s website, your logo, and custom imagery.


We do Facebook and Instagram advertising management with a recommended monthly Facebook advertising budget of $300 ad spend minimum, not included in package price. Additionally, we send a quarterly results report, including growth stats.