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Written by Jenny Goldade


Your funeral home website is like the face of your business. It’s the first impression many families have of your funeral home, as they search online before calling or visiting.


If your website doesn’t leave a positive first impression, you may be missing out on potential client families. But with Frazer-powered website features, you can show families why they should choose you to plan their loved one’s funeral.


Below are the top 10 reasons why a Frazer-powered funeral home website benefits your funeral home and client families.


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1. Ease of Navigation

Our responsive website designs are easy for anyone to navigate, no matter their age or technology experience. A responsive design means that the screen adapts to whatever device the user is viewing your website from — whether that’s a desktop or mobile device. Users can easily find and navigate your funeral planning information, helpful resources, and their loved one’s Tribute Wall to view obituaries and leave condolence messages.


2. Funeral Home Website Customization

A Frazer-powered website is anything but cookie cutter. Our responsive websites are designed to reflect your brand and show families who you are through the imagery, content, and more. Plus, they aren’t just designed beautifully, they also have several innovative features.


3. Interactive Obituary Experience

Tribute Wall — our responsive obituary platform — was designed to be familiar, comforting, and simple. Family and friends can view the obituary and funeral service information, leave condolences, memories, photos, symbols, and more to honor their loved one’s legacy. It’s a meaningful online tribute that lasts forever.


4. All-In-One Payment Platform

Frazer-powered websites come with our all-in-one payment platform — Tribute Pay. Many families can’t afford to pay for funeral expenses up front, so Tribute Pay allows them to plan the funeral that their loved one deserves. With this feature, you can offer families alternative funeral payment options, including credit card processing, eChecks, Tribute Crowdfunding, Tribute Loans, and Tribute Insurance Assignments.


5. SSL Security­­­

No need to worry about hackers stealing your staff’s or your client families’ information! Our websites are SSL-secured, meaning that they have a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate to protect your information. Not only does this protect your information, but it’s also good for your funeral home website’s search engine optimization and search engine results page ranking.


6. No Loss of Data

When you make the switch to a Frazer-powered website, we take care of transferring your information, like your obituaries. So you don’t have to worry and can continue to serve your families without an interruption.


7. Preplanning Solutions

With our online preplanning form, families can easily preplan their funeral wishes. The step-by-step form will guide them through each section, and your funeral home’s staff can help them with the details.


8. Social Media Integration

Family and friends can easily share their loved one’s obituary on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. It’s a thoughtful feature to help make things a little easier for those who are grieving a loss. It not only helps spread the word about their loved one’s passing, but it also lets them express their grief and honor their loved one’s memory.


9. Aftercare Emails

As you know, grief doesn’t end with the funeral. That’s why Frazer-powered websites come with our free 365 Days of Healing grief email subscription. Families can sign up to receive daily emails during the first year after their loved one’s passing.


10. Text Directions Feature

Families don’t have to worry about looking up directions to the funeral service or cemetery. With the Text Directions feature, families can have the funeral location and directions sent conveniently to their smartphone. They can easily sign up to get the directions on your funeral home website.