iPad with Tribute eGuest


Written by Lexie Graf


In order to fully accommodate families’ evolving needs while maintaining tradition, your website should offer some kind of digital register book. However, not every digital register book offers all the features you need.


That’s why we created Tribute eGuest — to give funeral directors the tools to properly memorialize their families’ loved ones. Get to know the capabilities of Tribute eGuest below.


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Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Tribute eGuest’s intuitive admin dashboard makes it easy for you to manage your digital register book anywhere. You can view previous register books, create new register books, view guest information, and update service data.


Syncing Available

Does your location have poor connectivity? No worries — with Tribute eGuest, families can enter their information even when it is in offline mode. Then, later on, when a new connection is discovered, it will automatically sync all of the data gathered while it was offline.


Integrates with Tribute Center

Already using Tribute Center? Tribute eGuest integrates with it, so you can make digital register books for upcoming services, print keepsake guestbooks, and more. All the information gathered from Tribute eGuest can be transferred to make creating these mementos seamless.


You also can use gathered information to create customized thank-you cards and mailing labels. Many funeral directors use the information to automatically send service attendees follow-up messages and grief resources.


Benefits Your Marketing Efforts

Tribute eGuest is the only digital register book that offers age verification tools, so you can see the age of service attendees. With this data, you can better allocate your marketing resources to promote services such as preneed.