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Written by Jenny Goldade


In 2017, 47% of small businesses reported at least one cyber attack, while 44% of those had two to four cyber attacks, according to the 2018 HISCOX Small Business Cyber Risk Report.


Cyber attacks pose a major threat to your funeral home’s website. With families entering their personal information for funeral planning and funeral payments, it’s important to keep their information safe from hackers.


So what measures can your funeral home take to protect your client families’ information? One must-have is a secure funeral home website with an SSL certificate.


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What Is an SSL Certificate?

An SSL — Secure Sockets Layer — certificate encrypts the data sent between your web server and browser. This protects sensitive information entered online such as credit card information, social security numbers, login credentials, and other personal information.



You may notice http:// or https:// before a website URL address. Even though HTTPS and HTTP are only one letter different, the letter “S” is the difference between a secure and non-secure connection. HTTP stands for hypertext transfer protocol, while HTTPS is hypertext transfer protocol secure. By having an SSL certificate, your website URL address begins with HTTPS rather than HTTP.


Give Your Client Families Security

Having an SSL-secured website provides your client families with a secure connection when entering personal information — whether they’re entering credit card information for a funeral payment or applying for a funeral financing program.


Ultimately, you want to build trusting relationships with your families and having a website that they can trust with their personal information is a major part of that. It will help ease their minds when entering personal information on your funeral home’s website. Especially for families who are grieving the loss of their loved one and coping with a variety of complex emotions while funeral planning. Having a secure website connection gives them one less thing to stress about.


It’s also a feature that your funeral home can promote to potential client families. They know that they can not only trust your funeral home’s staff with caring for their loved one, but also with protecting their family’s personal information. It provides them with a sense of security when they may be feeling their most vulnerable and insecure.


Boost Your Website’s Ranking

Not only does it protect your family’s information, but it’s also good for your funeral home website’s search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines like Google prefer HTTPS sites, so having a secure website can help boost your website’s search engine results page ranking. Having a website with a safe and high-quality user experience is factored into their rankings. So if you don’t have a secure website but your competitor down the road does, they may be outranking you on the search engine results page.


On Google Chrome, you’ll see the text “Secure” with a green padlock icon or “Not Secure” before a URL address. Soon, Google will make an update that shows the Not Secure text in red along with a red triangle icon. This will make it even more clear to families — even those who aren’t as tech savvy — that the website doesn’t have a secure connection. They want to make sure that their personal information is protected, so they’ll avoid these Not Secure websites.


Secure Frazer-Powered Funeral Home Websites

Our Frazer-powered funeral home websites are protected with SSL, so your funeral home can protect your families’ private information. Whether they’re applying for Tribute Loans or filling out the preplanning form, your staff and families don’t have to worry about whether their information is safe. You can rest assured that the information entered on your website is secure and protected.