Hi, I’m Samantha Ward and I’m the marketing manager here at Frazer Consultants. We’ve been creating free social media kits for funeral directors for a year now. And the whole goal of putting those out there is just to make social media engagement easier for funeral homes.


Every day is a struggle for funeral directors — you’re dealing with families, you’re dealing with paperwork — and social media is the last thing on your mind. But it’s really important for small businesses like funeral homes in order to reach your audience and really engage with them. Our kits are really easy to use because all you have to do is copy and paste the content and share the corresponding images because posts with images perform almost two times better than those without them.


One thing that we’re doing new on our first anniversary of putting these kits out is offering a customer-only exclusive kit. And that kit includes Instagram posts, blog ideas, and more great content for our customers in order to show our appreciation for their business.


To download this month’s free social media kit, click here. And if you’re a customer, email us at and we’ll email you your exclusive kit.