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Written by Jenny Goldade


With July being Bereaved Parents Month, we want to provide some resources and memorial ideas to grieving parents.


Losing a child is an unimaginable loss, but it is possible to find hope again. Through healthy grieving methods, resources for grieving parents, and memorials, you can honor your child’s memory and find ways to cope.


Grief Tips

First of all, remember to be patient with your grief; learning how to cope won’t be instantaneous. Find a healthy grieving method that’s right for you, such as:

  • Joining a gym or an exercise group, such as a yoga class.
  • Taking a walk or bike ride around town.
  • Talking to a trusted family member or friend.
  • Joining a local support group for those grieving a loss, or one of the organizations in the next section.
  • Doing your favorite hobby.
  • Trying out a new hobby or activity within your community.
  • Seeking professional counseling if needed.
  • Allowing yourself to express your feelings.
  • Volunteering at your local animal shelter, hospital, or another organization.
  • Doing breathing exercises or practicing meditation, or downloading a stress-relieving app for your phone or tablet.

Grief Resources for Bereaved Parents

Bereaved Parents of the USA

This organization helps grieving parents, grandparents, and siblings struggling with a loss. It’s free to become a member and they have chapters throughout the U.S. Additionally, there are newsletters, brochures, articles, and other resources to help you grieve.


The Compassionate Friends

Founded more than 40 years ago, this organization helps comfort and provide hope to those grieving the loss of a child. There are more than 700 chapters in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and Guam. Together, those grieving can support each other, cope with their loss, and honor their memory.


Faith’s Lodge

This program provides a comforting and relaxing environment for those grieving to come together. With different programs for your child’s age or your specific situation, you can stay at Faith’s Lodge for a weekend of activities and discussion to help you cope with your loss.


Memorial Ideas

Creating a memorial or a tradition to remember your child can help you grieve and honor their memory, such as:

  • Establishing a scholarship in their honor.
  • Organizing a school supply or toy donation drive.
  • Donating to a significant cause to honor their memory.
  • Creating a memory bear with one of their outfits.
  • Gathering loved ones for a dinner to share stories and memories.
  • Visiting their gravesite or ash scattering location on their death anniversary, birthday, or another special date.
  • Visiting their favorite places, or places they always wanted to go.
  • Making a scrapbook or shadowbox filled with photos and memories.
  • Starting a grief journal to express your thoughts and memories.
  • Downloading an app to your mobile device to preserve memories this way.

Share your grief tips and memorial ideas in the comments!