a family makes a payment to the funeral home


Written by Jacob Terranova


At Frazer Consultants, we strive to provide creative solutions that help address the everyday challenges funeral directors face. That’s why we’ve recently updated Tribute Pay to include the option for families to pay by eCheck.


A screenshot of Frazer's new eCheck payment service for funeral homes


An eCheck — or ACH (Automated Clearing House) payment — is the process of moving funds electronically between two bank accounts. To put it simply, an eCheck payment simply replaces the paper check payment, with the added convenience for families of paying for services from the comfort of their home computer.


Not only is the service convenient for families, it’s also a plus for your funeral home. Processing fees for eCheck payments are less than other online payment methods, meaning your funeral home saves money when families choose to pay by electronic check. In fact, to use Tribute Pay’s eCheck, there’s only a flat rate fee of $0.35 and a 1% processing fee.


Tribute Pay Means Families Have Multiple Ways to Pay

Studies show that when people have convenient billing/payment options and the option to pay for a service with their preferred payment method, their overall customer satisfaction with your business improves. And that’s been our goal with Tribute Pay. To provide convenient payment options for your funeral home, all in one place. No more using multiple vendors or providers for different payment programs. Tribute Pay offers credit card processing, mobile payment, crowdfunding, financing, insurance assignments — and now electronic check processing — all in one convenient platform for your funeral home.


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