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Written by Jenny Goldade


It’s unheard of these days for a business not to have a website. If potential customers want to know more about a business and its products and services, the first thing they do is search online for information before visiting the business. After doing research, they may visit, but if you don’t have a website they may never make it to your funeral home.


And even if your funeral home doesn’t have many local competitors, you should still have a website. Let’s break down the benefits below.


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How a Funeral Home Website Benefits Those Out of Town

For families who are from out of town and don’t know the area, your website is a valuable resource. If they want to order flowers or get directions to the funeral location, they can do just that with a Frazer-powered website. With our text directions feature, families can have directions to their loved one’s funeral service sent directly to their phones.


Through our Tribute Store, families can order flowers directly from their loved one’s Tribute Wall — where they also can view the obituary and leave condolences. This keeps traffic on your website, which is good for your search engine optimization — increasing your website’s search engine results ranking. You can choose the florists you work with, so your local florists benefit as well. The Tribute Store also gives you some extra income, so you can do that lobby renovation or another project you’ve been wanting to tackle.


How a Funeral Home Website Benefits Your Families

Having a website opens the door for more ways to give your families the best funeral experience possible. With innovative online features, you can provide families with easy and convenient ways to plan a funeral and grieve.


For example, with Frazer-powered websites, families have multiple funeral payment options through Tribute Pay — our all-in-one payment platform. With Tribute Pay, families can use Tribute Insurance Assignments, Tribute Loans, Tribute Crowdfunding, or online credit card processing to fund funeral expenses. Your website also provides a place for families to view and order your memorial products.


And families can subscribe to one of our Frazer-powered website’s cutting-edge features — 365 Days of Healing. Your families can receive daily grief emails to help them cope with their loss. At the same time, your funeral home receives email addresses for marketing and further aftercare.

How a Website Makes Your Funeral Home More Credible

Your funeral home is behind the times if you don’t have a website. It may be working for your business now, but as Millennials age and become your primary customers, they’ll expect you to have a website. Or else they may not consider your funeral home as a credible business. And, as we discussed above, a website provides many benefits that your client families are missing out on.


Your funeral home website also is critical to your digital stamp, as discussed by keynote speaker Erik Qualman at the 2018 ICCFA Convention. Your digital stamp has two parts: your digital shadow (what others post) and your digital footprint (what you post). Without a website and other online presence like social media, your potential customers are only seeing your digital shadow — which only has others’ opinions about your funeral home. By having a website, you can establish your own brand and best serve your families.