A woman holding a bouquet of peonies


Written by Jenny Goldade


A thoughtful funeral gift may be the kind gesture those grieving need to honor and remember their loved one.


It’s a way to keep deceased loved ones close and provide some comfort during an emotional and stressful time. There are gifts that help people grieve, as well as gifts to show your appreciation for the dedicated funeral directors and staff.


Whether it’s a handwritten note or an intricate memento, we’ve put together this funeral gift list for your loved ones and the people who help them through difficult times.


Funeral Gift Ideas for All Funeral Attendees

  1. Give funeral attendees a bag of the deceased’s favorite snack, candy, or other food as a funeral gift.
  2. Funeral attendees can honor their loved one by planting a packet of flower seeds.
  3. Have mementos, such as memorial stones, engraved with the deceased’s name and birth and death dates.
  4. Print off copies of memorial song lyrics or poem verses from the funeral service.
  5. Make copies of the deceased’s favorite recipe and serve it at the post-funeral reception.

For Close Family and Friends

  1. Create memorial bookmarks with the deceased’s photo and a short memorial message.
  2. Give close loved ones an item that belonged to the deceased, like a piece of jewelry.
  3. A funeral gift loved ones can cherish is an engraved necklace with the deceased’s signature.
  4. If the deceased was crafty, give loved ones something the deceased made, such as a crochet blanket or a woodwork craft.
  5. Loved ones can plant a tree in their yard to honor and remember the deceased.

For Funeral Directors and Staff

  1. A simple in-person thank you for all the hard work they did to put the funeral together.
  2. A hand-written thank-you note signed by the deceased’s immediate family. You can help other families make an informed decision by writing your thank-you message in the form of an online review as well.
  3. Bake a homemade treat to show your appreciation for their support during this difficult time.
  4. Give them some chocolates and flowers to express your gratitude.
  5. Another thoughtful funeral gift idea is a gift card to a local restaurant or spa.

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