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Written by Jacob Terranova


Mobile matters for families. That’s why we’re continuing to roll out updates to reflect the technologies that many families prefer.


Mobile Continues to Grow in 2017

Mobile technology has made it easier than ever to get access to the web. And it’s become the preferred method for internet use — whether people want to shop, search, or socialize.

  • A media consumption study found that the average American will spend almost two and half hours on their smartphone and only about 50 minutes on a desktop.
  • More than half of internet traffic comes from a mobile device.
  • A Google study found that 72% of people want a mobile-friendly site, and will go elsewhere to find one.

And while not everyone will find searching from a smartphone appealing, a majority will. And many will be the young Gen Xers and Millennials raised on mobile who be planning a funeral for their older loved ones.


That’s why our developers at Frazer keep your funeral home’s website ahead of the curve.


Recent Updates

Our latest update brings a feature many families love — the online funeral planner — to a mobile-friendly format.


Now families have the power to plan a funeral from the palm of their hand. The feature works just as it would if a family was planning from a desktop — just adapted for mobile.


The steps are the same — families start by signing in or creating an account to plan a funeral. From there, they can choose whether it’s a preneed plan or immediate need, and go down the list of steps choosing the funeral type, packages, and other options.


And it gets better. If your funeral home has Tribute Pay activated, soon your families will be able to easily pay with a credit card to finalize their arrangements right then and there.


This new update is convenient for you and your families, and it’s just one more Frazer advantage.


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