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Written by Jacob Terranova


The holiday season is wrapping up, but before it does, we wanted to invite funeral homes to share their holiday stories with us.


Did your funeral home put on a holiday remembrance program or similar event this year? If so, let us know!


A holiday remembrance program is a significant event for families and their healing journey after a loss. And we want to share stories of how funeral homes across the country have helped their communities come together.


We’ve created a few ways your funeral can submit and share your stories:

  • Share your photos and a quick story about your event on our Facebook page or simply tag us in a post using @Frazer Consultants.
  • Tweet a photo of your event on Twitter using the hashtag #FrazerHoliday and mentioning @866frazer2.
  • You also can share your story in the comments section of this blog.

We also invite you to submit a detailed story about your event along with some photos with us at and we might end up featuring your story in a blog post that will be shared with thousands of our followers.


Let us know how your event or ceremony went!

  • When and where did your event take place?
  • How big was your event’s turnout?
  • What was the importance of the event for families in your community?
  • How many years has your funeral home held this event?
  • Did your funeral home partner with anyone else in the community?
  • What made this holiday program extra special this year?
  • Did you offer families a crystal or glass ornament to remember their loved one by? How did they like it?
  • Don’t forget to share pictures of your event with us!


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