A white park bench next to yellow tulips and other flowers


Written by Jenny Goldade


When a family member or friend dies, it can be difficult to cope with the loss.


The grieving process is different for everyone, but creating a memorial item or tradition to honor your loved one can help you heal. Here are some suggestions for ways to remember and show tribute to your loved one.


Photo Wreath

Make your own photo wreath with photos of the deceased and fake flowers so the memory of your loved one will last forever.


Memorial Tree

Create a memorial tree by placing tree branches in a vase filled with stones. Family and friends of the deceased can write messages on notecards to hang from the branches.


Tribute Video

With new technology and memorial trends, memorial items now can be digital. You can create a tribute video honoring the life of the deceased.


Memorial Stationery

Memorial stationery is something simple, yet meaningful to honor the deceased. From prayer cards to bookmarks, you can create a cherished keepsake so they’re always with you.


Creative Urn

If the deceased chose to be cremated, there are ways to creatively display ashes of your loved one. Use a uniquely designed urn, or if you want something less traditional, have the deceased’s ashes sealed in a bag inside a teddy bear.


Memorial Ornament

Have a beautiful personalized ornament to display around the holidays or year-round to honor your deceased loved one.


Tribute Candle

Memorial candles have been a tradition for centuries. You can show respect for your loved one by lighting the flame of your tribute candle.


Create a Tradition

Creating a tradition is a meaningful way to remember the deceased. You can visit their gravesite, serve your loved one’s favorite meal, or do their favorite hobby.



Volunteering your time or donating items is a great way to grieve and make a difference in honor of your deceased loved one.


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