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Written by Jacob Terranova


The Tribute Wall feature that comes with every Frazer-powered site is getting some great new updates.


These new changes will not only be great for funeral directors but will help benefit the families who use them as well.


Because of the importance of the Tribute Wall as a modern and meaningful memorial for families, we wanted to make sure it provides only the best for them, and that’s reflected in these new updates. After all, the Tribute Wall is designed to act as a permanent digital tribute where family and friends from all over can visit and share memories.


So, what’s new so far?

  • All photos uploaded for obituaries or a memorial album will be optimized for the web. This will automatically downsize the image file, meaning photos will upload faster. The photos will be optimized to the same file sizes as Tribute Center, so the process of using Tribute Wall photos for Tribute Center products will be streamlined as well.
  • In the admin panel, a new loading icon is available. This icon will work just like it does on the current Tribute Wall for file uploads, allowing you to see the progress of your current file uploads through the admin panel.
  • An easy new download button also was added to the admin panel. This feature will allow you to now download any photos and albums that were uploaded to the Tribute Wall by families and friends in one easy step.

We hope these new updates will help streamline the overall experience you and families have with our Tribute Walls. If you have any questions about these new updates or want to see how they work, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


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