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Written by Jacob Terranova


It’s not enough to just have a website.


A website needs to be modern, and stay modern. Technology is changing incredibly fast — and if you don’t keep up, you lose out. Just look at the list of benefits a modern site can bring your funeral home.


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Build Credibility with Families

Remember, a website shouldn’t just work for you — it needs to work for families, too. That means giving them what they want.


If your site doesn’t work on mobile, loads slowly, or isn’t easy to navigate, then you’re setting yourself up to miss out on a family’s business. Fox Business found that 91% of consumers said they would avoid a business if it appeared their technology was out-of-date.


Increases SEO

An updated site is more visible in search engine rankings than an older site. As it turns out, slow loading times don’t just hurt trust with families, it hurts with Google. The same is true for not being mobile-friendly.

More Efficient Networking

One of the main reasons for a funeral home website is to network and communicate with families in the community 24/7. Less families are picking up the phone, as they prefer to get answers online.


81% of potential customers will do research online about a business, and that ultimately influences their decisions. Modern websites also should be integrated with social media too.


Forbes found that 78% of people are directly influenced by a business’ social media posts — meaning social media engagement is key to bringing in more client family business. Blog posts, obituaries, and business information should be found easily on Facebook and other outlets.


Keep Up with Competition

At the rate technology changes, a modern website is crucial to staying on top of the competition. If 2008 was the last time your website provider rolled out any new features, you should probably consider investing in a website that provides the modern features families want.


Increase ROI

Integrating convenient payment options with your website can open up new doors of revenue and also increases your opportunity to get paid by offering multiple options for families. Read more about how multiple payment options increase business and customer satisfaction here.


The Number One Reason

Ok, so those are some pretty big reasons to invest in a modern website. But what is the biggest and most important reason? A modern website is critical in maintaining digital security for your funeral home and the families that use it.


An outdated site is a security risk. Just take a look at the recent statistics.


An article in Forbes found that, on average, 30,000 websites are the target of hacks each day. The main reason a small business is targeted is because of an outdated website or security system.


From creating strong passwords to encrypting your WiFi, here is a list of some great tips for keeping your business safe online. But if your funeral home website is getting up there in age, it may be time for an update — or a switch to a provider that offers regular updates for you.