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Written by Samantha Watson


Since Frazer Consultants launched their crowdfunding capabilities two weeks ago, funeral homes have helped raise thousands of dollars for their families.


Below are some examples of current crowdfunding campaign successes that funeral homes have had. Family names and other information have been removed to protect the privacy of those families during this difficult time:

  • A funeral home in South Carolina has raised almost $1,500 for a beloved local doctor that passed away from leukemia.
  • One funeral home raised 10% of a family’s crowdfunding goal in just two days. The family also had set up a crowdfunding campaign on their own but raised $90 less in three times the amount of time.
  • The family of a young girl in Illinois is even getting donations from complete strangers, who just want to help the family during their time of unimaginable loss. Their message to the family reads, “I don’t know this little girl or hercrowdfunding campaign example family, however I do know the pain of losing a child. Over the years I have suffered many toils on this earth but none as life changing as the loss of a child.”
  • Six different donations have been made directly to a funeral home in Ohio in honor of a man who died in a tragic SCUBA diving accident.

Though each of these examples come from different funeral homes serving different families, there is one thing they all have in common: the funeral homes are able to offer yet another meaningful service for families and communities that want more options.


Some of these families are dealing with a tragic death that they were not prepared for. But in other cases, the community just wants to show their support for the family by contributing something other than flowers or charitable donations.


Are you interested in learning how your funeral home can offer crowdfunding to your families? Give us a call at 866-372-9372 or fill out the form below, and we’ll show you how easy it is to do with a live demonstration. If you are an existing Frazer-powered website customer, it’s as easy as turning the feature on through Tribute Pay.