A woman reaching into her wallet


Written by Jacob Terranova


Tribute Pay, our exciting new online payment center, is now available on mobile devices.


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Why Mobile?

Mobile browsing (including online bill payments) continues to beat out traditional desktop use in popularity. Paying bills from a smartphone or tablet is expected to triple in 2016.


People have more access to smartphones than ever. The Pew Research Center found that 68% of Americans own a smartphone. By contrast, only 35% owned a smartphone five years ago. Many families (around 30%) rely on their smartphone as their primary way to access the internet. They have become more affordable and accessible. As smartphone sales continue to rise, desktop sales have fallen.


Convenience for You and Your Families

Families now have the ability to make a payment from anywhere and at any time with their mobile device.


Frazer Consultants is always watching for trends on the horizon. It’s that foresight that encouraged the launch of Tribute Pay, and it’s why we’ve decided to take it mobile. It’s convenient for consumers accustomed to paying from their smartphone. It’s practical to families that don’t have access to desktops.


Ultimately, it’s about giving your funeral home more options to receive payment. Whether a family prefers the traditional check, paying at home from their computer, or paying from a smartphone, your business should be ready.


Tribute Pay can be added to any Frazer-powered website free of charge, with no monthly fees. Tribute Pay accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.