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Written by Jessica Hope


Constant calls, 14-hour days, funeral arrangements, comforting grieving families, graveside services — the list goes on. As a funeral director, your week is busy and unpredictable. And because 89% of families want to do online research before deciding on a business, it’s now vital that you manage your online presence, too.


Your online presence is the best way to reach families, brand your image, and make a statement to your community. When done properly, it’s the most effective tool you have.


But maintaining a website can be hard work. And after all the work you already do, why add more? Don’t be stuck with a site that slows you down. Here’s how a website could leave you with more work.


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1. Stuck in the Office

Today’s funeral director is on the go. Who has time to stop by the office or home to update your website? A mobile management app is a must. You should be able to take your site wherever the job takes you.


2. Web Maintenance

New algorithms and search engine updates are constantly changing, potentially leaving your site with errors or security issues. A good website provider would constantly develop and update to ensure your site never goes down or gets penalized for technical errors.


3. Doing the Same Thing Again and Again

Services now should be seamlessly integrated to save you time. Why spend time uploading the same thing twice? Adding the same obits to your directory, to your site, to Facebook. It starts to eat away at your valuable time.


4. Keeping Your Website Up-To-Date with Design Trends

Having a dated site can hurt your business. 80% of consumers say that they will actually leave an outdated website as soon as they navigate to one. It’s equivalent to showing up to work in sweatpants. It says you just don’t care. Staying up on the latest design trends is critical, but also time-consuming. A funeral home shouldn’t have to worry about that.