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Written by Elisa Weiss


Kitching, Steepe & Ludwig Funeral Home located in Waterdown, ON sought a fresh look and feel for their website. Knowing that the majority of site traffic came from those searching for an obituary of a friend or loved one, the funeral home needed an improved and intuitive solution to better serve families in their community. Kitching, Steepe & Ludwig found their solution in a modern, Frazer Consultants-powered website.


We caught up with Kitching, Steepe & Ludwig Funeral Director Garnet van Popta and asked him our most pressing questions:



Q: What was your experience like working with Frazer Consultants?
A: I’d like to think we were easy clients to work with, but that’s probably not true. We had lots of our own ideas about how the site should look, and wanted a lot of the content personalized to fit our needs, and our community.


Q: Why did you choose to work with Frazer on your website project?
A: The main reason people access our site is to look for an obituary of someone they know, and Frazer has the best obituary module on the market.


Q: Would you recommend Frazer website design service to others?
A: In a word, yes. If you want a professional website that is quick, functional, and ties in with your overall branding, Frazer Consultants is the way to go.

Want to see more of van Popta’s answers, a website before and after, and new site results? Download our free case study.