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Written by Elisa Weiss


Grose Funeral Home located in Myerstown, PA needed a new website that was not only user-friendly but unique. Avoiding the cookie-cutter look and feel was crucial to standing out in their community.  Grose Funeral Home found their unique solution in a modern, Frazer Consultants-powered website.


We caught up with Grose Funeral Home Business Manager Emily Huie and asked her our most pressing questions:


Q: Why did you choose to work with Frazer on your website project?grose_cover
A: We found Frazer websites to be the leaders in quality of design and ease of navigation. We especially liked the amount of creative control we could exercise in the website’s design avoiding a “cookie cutter” product.


Q: What was your experience like working with Frazer Consultants?
A: Frazer Consultants was ahead of the game throughout the entire process. Our website designer, was extremely accommodating and proactive throughout the design process.


Q: Would you recommend Frazer website design service to others?
A: We would highly recommend Frazer Consultants to others.

Want to see more of Huie’s answers, a website before and after, and new site results? Download our free case study.