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Written by Sarah Rickerd


It’s not a secret — Frazer Consultants sells funeral home websites, and we charge a modest fee for doing so. If you look at our “Websites” page, you’ll see all of the different packages we offer, what’s included and exactly what we charge for each option.


Overall, our website design rates are competitive with others in the funeral profession. They’re also significantly less than what most local designers and agencies charge. But there’s still one question we hear over and over again from funeral professionals. “Why should I buy a site from you when other companies offer funeral home websites for free?”


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To be totally honest, the answer is simple — because free isn’t always free.

First, consider the quality of the designs offered. When a company doesn’t charge for its websites, it doesn’t bring in the revenue needed to hire talented designers and developers. Without these key resources, design quality suffers, leading to website templates that lack the polish and sophistication today’s customers require.


While your website’s design might not matter to you, it’s a big deal for your customers. In a recent blog post, we shared research conducted by Microsoft, which found that “91% of consumers said they would stop doing business with a company because of its outdated technology.”


Your funeral home’s website is a part of your company’s technology. If it looks outdated, there’s a good chance you’re losing customers because of your web presence. To put that into numbers, imagine that you lose even one traditional burial customer to your competitors because of a dated-looking website design. Instead of being free, it just cost you an estimated $8,000 in easy revenue.


Floral Ordering Systems

It’s also important to note that funeral home website floral ordering systems are not all created equal. Offering customers the ability to place floral orders on your site doesn’t mean they will. Which means you can’t count on substantial commissions from sites that haven’t invested in creating an optimal sales environment for funeral home website customers.


Ask yourself the following questions when evaluating funeral site floral ordering programs:

  • Does the website’s layout encourage site visitors to place floral orders? Frazer sites, for example, can include tasteful calls-to-action in key areas that encourage customers to share their support for grieving family members by sending flowers.
  • How are completed orders shared with the community? At Frazer Consultants, we’ve invested heavily in our social memorial wall system, which has led to an interesting observation. When one person places a floral order and that order is featured on the deceased’s online condolence wall, it often triggers a series of orders from other friends and family members visiting the page. The result is greater support for the family during their time of need; and higher commissions for your funeral home, compared to free website providers that don’t offer these features.
  • Is the floral ordering system easy to use? If it isn’t easy and intuitive for customers to place floral orders on your website, they won’t.  But at the same time, it’s important to find a funeral home website provider that works with local florists. As sites that route orders through services that send boxed flowers will only increase the burden on your staff.

A free funeral home website isn’t free if it’s costing your business potential customers and floral order commissions. Charging affordable rates for website creation and hosting means that Frazer Consultants is able to continually invest in our website system and offer the tools and features our customers need. In fact, we roll out new updates once a week. Many of which come from the feedback and requests from customers just like you!