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Written by Sarah Rickerd


Tribute Videos and memorial DVDs are incredibly popular funeral service options these days, as these visual displays of memories help family members and friends celebrate the life of the deceased and move forward with their grief. But what happens if your families are unable to provide any photos for you to work with?


Unfortunately, it’s quite common for funeral homes to encounter families who want a Tribute Video created, but don’t have enough photos on their own to produce a decent DVD. Don’t worry, you’re not out of options! Consider the following five “no-photo” solutions for creating great tribute videos without family photos:


Idea #1 — Capture images from online condolences

If your funeral home’s website offers online memorial walls that allow visitors to share photos, you might be surprised at the number and caliber of images you receive. Any of these photos can be downloaded for inclusion in your tribute videos, helping you to round out the family’s sparse, or non-existent, collection.


To make this process even easier, we’re working on a new feature that’ll let customers using Frazer-powered websites automatically import memorial wall photos into our Tribute Center program to facilitate the Tribute Video creation process. If you think this tool could be helpful for your funeral firm, give us a call at 866.372.9372 for more details.


Idea #2 — Pull from social networking sites

Currently, not all funeral home website providers offer obituary pages with photo sharing capabilities. If your site doesn’t let visitors post photos of the deceased, you may also be able to obtain these images from his or her social networking profiles.


More people than ever before, even older adults, are using social networking sites to connect with others and share different aspects of their lives. And although platforms like Facebook might limit access to certain features once a person’s profile has been converted to a memorial page, family members may still be able to access and capture these images for use in your Tribute Videos if you aren’t able to see them yourself.


Idea #3 — Scan in other items

Memorial DVDs shouldn’t be limited to pictures alone. The capabilities of today’s scanning equipment make just about anything fair game, from old baseball cards to show tickets to pressed flowers and more.


So instead of getting frustrated at your lack of family photos, challenge yourself and the families you serve to think outside the box when it comes to featured Tribute Video images. Every personalized touch you can add will make the final product that much more meaningful for the surviving family members.


Idea #4 — Use stock images of special places

So you don’t have pictures and you don’t have memory items to scan in. You’re still not out of luck when it comes to Tribute Video creation!


Ask your families to think of five happy memories they shared with the deceased. Then, represent those memories using different stock images found online. As an example, suppose the deceased’s children remember a happy trip to Disney World from years past. A simple Google Images search will turn up thousands of pictures of the park, and grabbing a few of them for your Tribute Video will help conjure up these happy memories, even in the absence of specific family photos from the trip.


Idea #5 — Write memories instead

Another solution for families that lack pictures or memorial items is to fill slides with written memories. These can be gathered either online from the condolences shared on your website’s obituary pages or by asking family members directly to share a few of their favorite memories.


Of course, you’ll want to keep these written memories short, as lengthy descriptions won’t translate well to the scrolling nature of a Tribute Video. However, short, sweet memories like, “I’ll always remember summer trips to grandpa’s cabin and the fish that we caught,” can be just as effective as images in memorializing the life of the deceased.


What other creative solutions have you found for assisting families who want Tribute Videos but aren’t able to provide family photos? We’d love to hear more suggestions in the comments section below! 

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