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Written by Sarah Rickerd


Funeral home website design is a big part of what we do at Frazer Consultants. As a result, one of the questions we get asked most frequently is, “What does a funeral home website cost?” And unfortunately, the only accurate way to answer that question is…


It depends.


Asking what a funeral home website costs is a lot like asking what a new car costs. Are you looking to buy a high-end, fully-loaded sports car or a reliable family station wagon? Just like no single car is right for every person, no one funeral home website design approach is right for every business. By educating yourself on all the options and expenses, you’re ready to make the right decision when it comes to choosing a website provider for your funeral home.


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Initial Setup Fees

Typically, funeral home website designers use one of three different approaches when building your new site. Depending on the approach, your initial setup fees (charge associated with building your website) will likely fall into one of the following three ranges:

    • Fully templated — Some funeral home website providers offer pre-built website templates that you can plug your business’s information into. These sites are as-is — meaning the site’s design cannot be changed (except, perhaps, to insert a unique logo). Typically, these sites are either provided for free or require a setup fee up to $2,000 to get started.
    • Customizable themes — Other funeral home website designers offer standard layouts that can be visually customized based on your business’s preferences. In these instances, while certain site features may remain in the same locations (for example, obituaries will always appear in a right-hand column of the layout), all visual features — including the site’s color scheme, background, banner images and more — can be swapped out to create a unique website. Sites designed in this way typically cost between $2,000 and $5,000.
    • Fully customized — A fully customized website is built from scratch for your funeral home. While this ensures that no other funeral home will have the same website design as your business, the cost to develop a fully custom site typically begins at $10,000 to $15,000. It depends on whether you work with a provider who focuses solely on the funeral profession or a general web design agency.

See our 4-tiered pricing system here. You’ll find we have some of the lowest setup and monthly service fees in the business.


When it comes to these startup costs, your estimated fees correlate directly to the amount of work the website provider puts into your site. A fully templated site, for example, requires significantly less effort than one custom built from HTML.


To give you an idea of the work that goes into building a funeral home website, let’s discuss Frazer-powered websites. The Frazer Consultants site creation process includes 78 individual steps to go from initial design concept to live website. Some of these different steps include:

    • Selecting a layout
    • Conducting an initial consultation phone call with the customer to initiate the design process
    • Creating design mockups and coordinating revisions with the customer
    • Designing custom banners, background graphics, and image files
    • Customizing website text to reflect the funeral home’s unique history
    • Working with our development team to build out the website’s code
    • Importing any existing obituaries and online memorials
    • Transferring domain nameservers in order to take the site live

Monthly Service Fees

Beyond your initial setup fees, nearly all website designers charge a monthly services fee that covers your site’s hosting, and, potentially, other services as well. In general, these fees range from $75/month to more than $200/month.


“Hosting” encompasses the server space where your website resides, the data usage required for all of your site files and the bandwidth costs of the traffic coming to your website. Essentially, you can think of web hosting like you’d think about renting space at a shopping mall for a store. In this case, your initial setup fees correspond to the merchandise, shelving, and displays you use in your store. Your hosting is the rent you pay to the mall to maintain your location.


In addition, some website providers include extra services beyond site hosting. As an example, some companies include technology updates in these monthly fees. This means any changes the provider makes to the functionality of the website system overall they push out to your site. If your monthly fees don’t include technology updates, you may find yourself facing unexpected charges in the future to maintain your website.


Ongoing Content Change Costs

One final consideration to be aware of is what you’ll pay to change any content on your site. In particular, there are two specific questions you’ll want to ask any potential provider:

    1. Am I able to make changes to my website’s content on my own?
    2. If not, what will you charge to make changes for me?

Here’s why this is so important. Say your funeral home adds a new staff member, and you want to update your “About” or “Staff” page. Depending on the website provider you choose, you may be able to make this change on your own in order to avoid any extra expenses. For example, Frazer’s websites have a custom content management system (CMS) platform that allows you to make your own updates. If you can use Microsoft Word, you can use this system.


Not all website providers allow you to make changes to your own website. If you work with one that doesn’t, you’ll need to pay every time you need to make a modification to your site. These fees typically start at $30/hour and go up from there; meaning it can be very costly to keep your site up-to-date if you aren’t able to make your own changes.


Choosing a website provider for your funeral home’s site isn’t a decision to make lightly. Take the time to educate yourself on what costs go into launching and maintaining a website. Then, carefully evaluate all of your different options in the context of your business’s budget and visual brand.