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Written by Matt Frazer


Recently, Frazer Consultants sat down with the owners/managers and funeral director/embalmer at Heartland Cremation & Burial Society to receive some feedback about Frazer’s Tribute Center Software.


Watch their full testimonial below.

Here’s what they had to say

Elizabeth Loos, Owner/Manager: “I am a fourth generation funeral director. My great-grandfather started the business in our little small town of Carrollton Missouri, and Andrew and I never thought that we’d really get into this, but we are extremely pleased that we did.”


Andrew Loos, Owner/Manager: “And so, we got into the business in 1994, it was a little small funeral home called Hinton Funeral Home. We operated it that way until 2001 when we added a division called Heartland Cremation and Burial Society was meant to start to fill the void with the cremation marketplace we saw in Kansas City.”


Elizabeth Loos: “Not every family has a service but we do meet one-on-one with every family. We realized that cremation is growing more and more and so we really wanted to promote the cremation side to the funeral industry and just make it more personalized — and to be able to do that and be able to offer different services for people and more memorialization and just kind of open it up and just create more of an experience for families than just a traditional service.”


Andrew Loos: “We have a model around here we really like — we really like when people give us a challenge, we really like when people ask us for something special and we really love those special requests and that’s kind of the foundation, the cornerstone that we founded the company on.”


Andrew Buck, Funeral Director/Embalmer: “From doing the old stationery, or the stationery the old way, with the pre-printed things and things like that, it’s basically the same amount of work, but it’s something more personalized for the family it’s something they can take with them and really take pride in. Doing the Frazer system it’s something that fits the surface better, maybe it fits the deceased’s personal life more, brings out a little more the emotion with the family. It reminds people that might have come to the service that they were, they enjoyed playing poker or traveling or any number of the Frazer, you know, selections.”


Andrew Loos: “We’ve been using the products for about four years, a little over four years. We might take a little different approach; we have all of the, the Tribute Center as part of our web offering as a link. And a lot of our customers are making these decisions from their home. They’re gathering their friends and families around the computer, going through the themes, maybe selecting the verses, the poems, and the prayers and then emailing us the photo and the information that they want in the folder. Sometimes we don’t’ see the family until they are picking up those products and the Tribute Center is really great for us to be able to work with a family that way without them having to even be in our offices.”


Andrew Buck: “I’ve had nothing but good things with Frazer. The delivery, like we talked about, is very quick, economical, personalized service. You know, when I call up and talk to them, they know who I am, you know, they know what’s going on, they know what I want, they know what I need. They are really great about it if I need some things, orders shipped, you know, some of it shipped ground, some shipped overnight — so I can make a family happy. To get some folders, or some large folders or thank yous or bookmarks or candles, they are more than willing to do that. And then just the options that they have, the options that Frazer offers is above and beyond anything else I’ve seen in my life. Being around the funeral industry I get inundated with things like this for stationery, and going to conventions and things like that, just the number of the options that you have is infinite, basically.”


Andres Loos: “If you’re doing stationery the old way, you haven’t had the chance of handing a man or woman who has lost wife or their spouse, their husband, their son, their daughter — you haven’t been able to hand them a piece of printed materials that created an emotional connection. If you haven’t had that opportunity, then you’re really missing out on this great connection that we have as funeral directors and taking another simple service or offering or product that we’ve done forever in this business and turning it into something that’s really special and meaningful.”


Elizabeth Loos: “You just need to try this one time and you’ll be sold. Because we were one going into a little hesitantly, you know, are you sure this is going to make this life simpler? And it just took one service to do this and to see how nice the product was, how easy it was to use and how pleased the family was with the final product and we haven’t looked back since. And, we’ve been telling other funeral director friends that you have got to try this, because it really does help maximize your time and just simplify things — which is what we’re all looking to be able to do.”


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