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Written by Matt Frazer


A funeral service is an important event to the family and friends of someone who has passed away. There are many funeral homes or crematories available for a family to select for their funeral service. Setting your funeral home apart from the masses can make all the difference in the world.


Within the last ten years personalized funeral services have become very important to client families. Funeral directors are no longer able to just offer generic services, stationery and keepsakes for a funeral or memorial service. The key words are personalization, celebration and technology solutions.


Frazer Consultants is a personalization, technology and consulting solution for the death care profession. Their primary products and services include interactive funeral home website design, tribute video software, funeral stationery software, unique personalized keepsakes, funeral candles, and funeral webcasting software. This is important to funeral professionals because Frazer Consultants puts the power of technology into the hands of the funeral director giving them an edge above their competition.


Mark Smith of McAlister-Smith had this to say about why his funeral home decided to switch to Frazer Consultants Tribute Center Software for funeral personalization:


“Another factor that played into our evaluating the options that were available to us in the marketplace was market share and marketplace differentiation. We didn’t want to have the same memorial folders and the same register books and gift items that everybody in town offered. We were very pleased to know we were the only ones and the first ones in our marketplace to bring the Frazer memorial products to our marketplace and since we’ve implemented those products we’ve gotten significant feedback from both our funeral directors who were excited to plan memorial events utilizing these personalized memorial folders that truly help us commemorate and remember the life that’s being remembered. The feedback from families we’re been serving versus seeing an old register book with just a funeral home name stamped on it to see that register book, and that memorial folder and those thank you cards with a verse, a scripture or a poem that’s meaningful to them and to have their loved ones picture included in that process has just been, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.


We are extremely pleased with Frazer Consultants, we only wish you had been around years ago!”


Watch Mark Smith’s full testimonial below.



Frazer Consultants offers interactive funeral home website design, funeral tribute video software, personalized funeral stationery, and much more. To request more information for about how we can help you better serve your families, call 866-372-9372 or fill out the form below.