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Written by Matt Frazer


Kathy Sweeney of McAlister-Smith was recently interviewed by Frazer Consultants about the way in which Frazer Consultants Tribute Center Software has helped her funeral home better personalize a funeral and really engage family and friends in a life celebration. She told us this story.


“Well you know what we’ve been able to do in terms of personalizing, has expanded so much exponentially that we really begins to realize that the tribute begins when we meet that family at the front door. And, we start thinking about what we can do that is going to maintain a place in their heart, frankly. And we like think, I told you about that looking for that special thing that’s going to make it so very special, and we had another family that they worked with and their mom, who’s arrangements we were helping with was known for always being someone who could be counted on to bring this particular dish that she made anytime there was an event, to anybody’s home when they had someone pass and what we were able to do was to incorporate the recipe for that dish as opposed to her obituary within the trifold. And, so that was something that nobody expected and it was a wonderful, wonderful piece to walk away from that was close to everybody’s heart.”


Watch Kathy Sweeney’s, video testimonial below.



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