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Written by Matt Frazer


Funeral professionals are flocking to Frazer Consultants funeral software for many reasons. First, thousands of funeral professionals rely on the software every day to produce professional funeral products that are receiving rave reviews from client families. The families they serve love the funeral personalization options they have because of this technology. Whether they are looking for tribute videos, funeral stationery, keepsakes, funeral candles, or even a personalized temporary grave marker, Frazer Consultants software is able to put complete personalization options into the hands of the funeral director.


Funeral directors love Frazer Consultants Tribute Center all-in-one personalization funeral software because it gives them the ability to not only create these personalized pieces, but also it gives them the control to do it in-house. What’s more is that the funeral products can be produced affordably and easily.


Here’s what one funeral director had to say about the Tribute Center funeral software and working with Frazer Consultants.


“We actually have two locations one in Chilton Wisconsin and one in Kiel Wisconsin. Our goal as funeral directors is to help families in their time of need and to give them the direction and guidance to help them heal from the grief they are experiencing and get them on the road to recovery.


We started using Frazer about five years ago and the thing that we started with them was, was candles. We used candles where we had to stock about two hundred candles of various different themes. And what Matt did, he showed us how we could cut that inventory immensely by using the candles that they had designed.


And then what we started doing was using the register books, the stationery products and the thing we noticed once we were using that, and personalizing all of the different products from the register books to the thank you notes, to the memorial folders, bookmarks. The families were so, so impressed and so thankful that they have can have something for a memory. It was one of those things where you could give your families the “wow” factor that you don’t get from standardized stationery.


I would say that almost anybody could step in and after two or three times through the program; you got it down and can produce any of the products that are in the program.


My name is Bud Wieting of Wieting Family Funeral, with two locations in Chilton and Kiel Wisconsin, it has been a pleasure over the past five years working the Frazer Consultants and working with the wonderful product that they provide.”


Watch Bud Wieting’s video testimonial below.

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