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Written by Matt Frazer


Finding a value-added revenue source in the funeral industry is key to increasing the profit margin on each funeral service a funeral home performs. Finding a funeral software company that offers numerous value-added revenue streams is like hitting a ball out of the park.


Frazer Consultants provides the funeral industry with cutting-edge funeral software called Tribute Center. Included in this all-in-one software suite are funeral products client families are asking for, and are willing to pay for. The funeral software includes:


  • Funeral Stationery
  • Funeral Candles
  • Remembrance Ornaments
  • DVD Video Tributes
  • Funeral Webcasting

This software doesn’t make cookie-cutter funeral stationery and keepsakes. It’s all customized. With more than 500 themes and thousands of ways to personalize these funeral products, funeral professionals have a powerful, revenue-making machine at their fingertips.


Here’s what one funeral director had to say about Frazer Consultants Tribute Center funeral software.


“We have a business located in Central Wisconsin, the eastern side. We have two locations. We do about one-hundred-fifty calls between the two locations.


We have been working with Frazer Consultants for about the last ten years. We started initially with them with their candle program and about four years ago we integrated the personalized stationery products into the offerings that we have for our families.


It’s been huge for us. It’s a great option for families. Some families like something very simple, very traditional — other families want all the bells and whistles. Frazer’s products allow that.


I know they are cutting edge. They are always looking for the next, newest thing out there. And, that’s the person to follow.


Families love the video tributes. When we started with it, we had to sell it, but now they actually bring their pictures first because they know they want this and they’ve seen it often. We’ve been able to put together some really nice video tributes.


My name is John Wenig. I’m with the Wenig Funeral Home in Sheboygan Falls Wisconsin. We have been working with Frazer Consultants for the past ten years. The products and the services we have received from Frazer have greatly enhanced the services that we provide to our families. It has also been a revenue source for us which has been a very positive thing and a value-added item to the services that we can provide.


Frazer Consultants has allowed us to be cutting edge and we look forward to working with them in the future for new ideas and new innovations.”


Watch John Wenig’s video testimonial below.


To start personalizing your funeral home’s memorial products, download Tribute Center today