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Written by Matt Frazer


Today, death care professionals and client families have a vast assortment of personalization options from which to choose. Funeral directors owe it to their client families to offer the best, most personalized options that most closely honor their loved ones. With Frazer Consultants Tribute Center Software, doing just that is easy.


With all the personalization options available, the first thought may be, “How are we going to inventory all this pre-printed stock paper?” The answer is simple, “You won’t need to.” With hundreds of themes available for personalized funeral stationery, Frazer Consultants funeral technology makes it possible to use blank stock and print-on-demand instead of inventorying dozens of selections. This makes perfect sense and saves both you and your families the time and expense of other types of customization options.


Mark Smith of McAlister-Smith had this to say about how Frazer Consultants funeral software has helped his funeral home in their commitment to excellence:


“Part of our commitment to excellent service and delivering highly engaged, personalized, meaningful events to the families that we serve, we are always continuing looking for new products and services to offer those families. And when we saw the advertisements and received some email notifications, seeing the written publication in our industry publications about the new and innovative products that Frazer Consultants brought to the table we immediately knew we needed to get more information.


So our staff investigated all the options that were available, we compared to what we were doing now which was great products, they were good products but they weren’t the very best products that we knew were available to the families that we’re serving on the marketplace and with our commitment to excellence we wanted to have a superior product that was highly personalizable and customizable and would yet produce a quality end product and that’s how we ended up with Frazer Consultants and we’ve been very happy since then. That was the beginning of that relationship.


Watch Mark Smith’s video testimonial below:



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