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Written by Matt Frazer


Two of the top requested funeral products for a life celebration today are customized funeral stationery and tribute videos. Client families are asking for these personalized products and funeral directors are able to give families what they want when they use Frazer Consultants Tribute Center all-in-one funeral personalization software.


Thousands of funeral professional utilize Tribute Center funeral software every day to give the families they serve a more fitting life celebration for their loved one. With this software, a funeral becomes more complete, more meaningful because of the personalization it offers.


Whether a family wants to celebrate the life of a golfer, an avid sports fan, music lover, animal lover, or nature enthusiast, the Tribute Center software puts a theme for almost every profession, interest, hobby and religion at their fingertips. With a few clicks of a button, a completely personalized line of funeral stationery, from the register book, to the prayer cards, thank you notes, and funeral programs can be created in-house and affordable. Tribute videos are created with as much ease and as cost-effective with the same program.


With the cost of funerals, and everything else rising these days, people are seeking more affordable choices. This doesn’t mean they wish to sacrifice quality either. To that end, Tribute Center enables funeral professionals to provide client families with more than just a suitable option for personalization. Funeral products created with Tribute Center are affordable, of the highest quality and offer the most personalization options on the market today.


But, don’t just take our word for it, read and watch the video to hear what other professionals in the funeral industry are saying about Frazer Consultants Tribute Center:


“We’re a family-owned business. We started in 2010. We opened up kind of from the ground up. Started up just wanting to offer a lower price option for folks and so that’s what we’ve done, but, to not sacrifice service. So, we wanted them to be able to have all the other the amenities that they would have had at any other funeral home but just being able to afford it.


I get to offer the best looking stationery or the most customized stationery that I know of that’s around. It’s cost-effective to where I can actually do that with my business model. So the problem is you can do a lot of those things but it ends up being such an overhead to you that it’s not cost effective and if you have to charge so much for it that folks won’t buy it, how are you ever going to get that out there. It’s a really good advertising tool for us to have out in the hands of all the folks that come to the services.


The main things two things I do is the stationery software and then we use it for the video tribute software. And so, we plan to do some of their other things as time goes on, just trying to take it in baby steps.


And, so far those two things work seamlessly together. All the themes integrate to both the video and the stationery so you have this real cohesive, folks, I mean they don’t realize, the families don’t realize that, they think I sat there and created all that individually. You know, I get a lot of credit for something I just clicked a button and it was just all of the sudden there.


My name is Colby Hankins. I’m with Conner-Hankins Funeral Home in Mountain Home, Arkansas and I appreciate and enjoy the working relationship I have with Frazer Consultants.”


Watch Colby Hankins’ video testimonial below.



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