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Written by Matt Frazer


Thousands of funeral professionals rely on Frazer Consultants Tribute Center Software every day to produce the highest quality personalized funeral products, all in-house. We’ve been told they enjoy having one technology provider and one software program that handles all of their personalization needs.


Tribute Center enables the funeral professional to easily create personalized funeral stationery in-house, with more than 500 different themes, all from blank card stock. In doing so, this eliminates the need to inventory numerous types of pre-printed stationery, it also cuts costs associated with errors and the time to type each one up individually. But don’t take our word for it, read what Kathy Sweeney of McAlister-Smith had to say about the efficiency of Frazer Consultants


Tribute Center Software

“There were a number of things frankly, because you know, if you ask Mark Smith, it was the superior product with a greater margin. Because, what we did was it came down to analyzing it at a per funeral cost and that was impressive to him the fact that we could reduce our inventory, our stocking levels. They would always be fresh that I wouldn’t suddenly discover that I had over ordered on something that nobody was ever going to use. What sold me, were the type of things our administrative assistants, the people in the trenches, face every day. It’s very easy to make mistakes and waste products when you’re retying things. The ability to pull everything, all the data pertinent to that particular family straight from our funeral service database software was absolutely critical. And we honestly intended to only use it for our memorial products because we were fairly happy with the product we were using for Tribute DVD’s and then we were pleasantly surprised to see that we could eliminate two steps in the process of making our DVD’s and have everything under one roof. I was already happy and then I was thrilled on top of that.”


Watch Kathy Sweeney’s, video testimonial below.

More About DVD Tribute Videos

DVD Tribute Videos are a popular way to celebrate the life of a person who has passed away. A collection of pictures and perhaps even a video clip or two can be set to meaningful music and shown during the funeral service or visitation hours at the funeral home.


Creating a DVD Tribute Video in-house is simple with Frazer Consultants advanced funeral software. Once the family provides you with their photos, scanning each photo takes just seconds. Tribute Center software enables you to touch them up and add motion effects to the photos to make them come alive. The software automatically sets transitions and sync’s the music, which you can select from a large library of licensed funeral music. The resulting Tribute Video is a professional quality creation that client families will watch again and again.


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