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Written by Matt Frazer


Art Kunkle, the owner of Curran-Saffer Funeral Home in Apollo, Pennsylvania had this to say about Frazer Consultants funeral software.


“We have four funeral homes and we have our own crematory, we do approximately 250 funerals a year and approximately 230-235 cremations a year. Frazer Consultants has brought our business us up to another level in regards to the technology that we have now that we didn’t have before in regards to using personalized memorials, thank you notes, register books, laminated obituary’s, that kind of things. It has personalized everything to the families for what they want in regards to what they need, what they are requesting. And in regards to how the funeral homes need to stay marketable for themselves for what the consumers are now asking.


We need to simplify things because of the most important thing to us is the time that’s involved. We can do a complete set of memorials and register books within fifteen, twenty minutes if not less time. So, it makes a big difference in the structured time-frame in our day.” 


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