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Written by Matt Frazer


Every day, thousands of funeral home professionals rely on Frazer Consultant’s Tribute Center, here’s what one customer had to say.


Gail Swan of Maclean Funeral Home had this to say about Frazer Consultants, “Our daily operations are to serve the families who put their trust in our funeral homes to care for their deceased loved ones. Our relationship with Frazer Consultants started back five years ago. We were purchasing his memorial keepsakes angels. Our families just love them. We have been using them ever since.


We’ve had many people call us who have heard about these angels that we haven’t even served and asked if we’d be willing to give them one or sell them one. Well, of course, we give them one because these angels do what they’re supposed to do — they bring a little peace to a troubled heart.


I think the angels that we’ve purchased from Matthew and the memorial booklet in the tribute center is just a wonderful, wonderful way to give to a family a package that is so meaningful to them and it helps to ease a bit of pain at a time when they need that.


We have recently, this spring purchased his memorial booklet packages, we only bought a small supply — we started off small just to see how our community would accept them. Our families are really, truly blown away. Recently we served a family and they came back to us and they said, we couldn’t imagine we’d receive such a beautiful package all together and there are so many formats and so many different choices to choose from for the individual deceased persons. So, we are looking forward to a very lengthy relationship with Frazer Consultants.


I would recommend doing business with Matthew and Frazer Consultants because they make it so easy and they provide such wonderful products to serve your families with.”


Watch Ms. Swan’s video testimonial below.


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