A blue book on grief sits on top of a table.


Written by Matt Frazer


Client families looking for memorial ideas to honor their loved one can now purchase a keepsake box to display and protect the funeral register book from the service.


At some time in their lives, both the young and old have created a memory box. A mother may fill a keepsake box with artwork, school papers, ribbons, photos, and other special items from their child’s school days to hold on to special memories for viewing at a later date.


Grandmothers may put aside keepsake boxes for their grandchildren to one day inherit. These boxes may contain jewelry, photos, old family letters, and other tidbits and treasures collected throughout the years. These boxes are more than just a collection of stuff; they contain family history and capture special moments in time. Often the boxes are treasured reminders of not only that individual, but of feelings and memories of happier times.


One of the most significant moments in a person’s life is the passing of a loved one. During this juncture in life, families tend to gather together, share memories, and help each other with their grief.


During a wake, memorial and/or funeral service, relatives and friends will sign a guest register book to remind the family of their presence. Guest may simply sign their name or there may be a place in the funeral register book where mourners may offer words of comfort and support to the immediate family during this tragic time.


After the services are concluded, the funeral register book historically has enabled the immediate family to have a written record of guest’s attendance so that acknowledgment cards can be sent. The register book was then either stored away, or later discarded. However, in recent years, funeral register books have become more than just a list of signatures. These register books are becoming a deeper part of a family’s genealogy in that they provide insight into the life, hobbies, career, hopes, and dreams of the deceased. Not only are the funeral register books of today more inclusive and personalized, they include photographs, favorite poems, words to favorite songs, family trees, a biography of the deceased’s life, and really anything else client families wish to include.


With the initial purpose of the funeral register having changed from a simple record of names, to a more complete memorial keepsake book, keepsake boxes to store these registers are called for.  A funeral register keepsake box can be coordinated to match the register book and all the other funeral stationery. A photograph of the person who passed away can be included on the cover of the box and presented to the family at the conclusion of the services.


The register book keepsake box provides a beautiful way for families to store and display their memory book long after the service. The keepsake box will not only protect but will preserve the funeral register book as it is stored in a prominent place on a bookshelf or on a coffee table.


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