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Written by Matt Frazer


Creating personalized funeral stationery in-house has never been easier. Reading that last sentence, you may say, we’ve been personalizing funeral stationery at our funeral home for years. But, chances are, the personalization options your funeral home was able to provide were pretty limited. Most funeral homes have three, maybe four options for a theme — if you could call these designs themes. The selections aren’t so much a theme as they are a generic selection of doves, angels, and maybe a sunset.


With today’s funeral stationery software, creating a truly personalized line of coordinating pieces in-house is easy, and the options are endless. Here are three great reasons to use funeral stationery software:


Ultimate Theme Personalization

Funeral stationery software offers more than 500 coordinating themes to assist client families in the personalization of their loved one’s life celebration. While some stationery companies offer just one standard template or they have you stock paper for each different theme, using funeral stationery software, your clients can select a theme that best depicts their loved one’s personality, hobbies, career, interests, or religious views.


Each theme includes a layout for a funeral register book, memorial folder, prayer card, acknowledgment, bookmark, DVD Tribute Video packaging, and a candle. All the themes are stored electronically. When a client family selects a theme, you simply put the blank stock paper into a full-color printer and print as many as you need on-demand.


One-Time Data Entry

With some funeral stationery, for each piece, it is necessary to re-enter the deceased’s name, birth and death dates, and other information. With the latest funeral stationery software, it automatically connects to your funeral management software. There’s no duplicate entry and no wasted time — just push a few buttons and you’re done.



Because all the stationery items are printed from blank stock, all you need to do is inventory blank paper. No high overhead in stocking multiple themes!


Not only can you provide client families with more than 500 options for themes without stocking pre-printed paper, printers are available at an extremely affordable rate. For generally less than $60 a month, your funeral home can utilize a printer that includes toner and any repairs or maintenance.


To be ready to customize a funeral service means everything to a family. Isn’t it time your funeral home looked into funeral stationery software that can provide the most complete options for personalization?


Download Tribute Center for free to create personalized funeral stationery products for the families you serve!