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Written by Matt Frazer


Personal and special, Tribute Videos are a stunning way to honor a loved one. Not only can they be viewed at a funeral or memorial service, but when burned to DVD, they can be enjoyed at home by generations to come.


When you lose somebody special, your memories become more vital to you. If you are lucky enough to have preserved these significant moments through photos, videos, letters, cards, and even music, then you’ve got the makings of an intensely personal Tribute Video.


Your funeral director, using a funeral software program that permits them to include scanned photos and uploaded videos and music, can assemble a Tribute Video that reflects your dear one’s life. You’ll also be able to choose not only which images to incorporate, but you’ll also be able to determine their order of appearance.


With your funeral director’s help, you can select from themes that illustrate occupations, interests, hobbies, and skills or, if you favor, one that incorporates a pet or love of nature. The theme can be incorporated throughout the funeral stationery as well, adding continuity and context to the personalization of the service.


Text in the form of scripture, poems, favorite quotes, or simply the names of the individuals pictured can be included in the Tribute Video. Whether the deceased had an affinity for prose, or if he or she had a keen sense of humor — any or all of those things can add richness and depth to the Tribute Video.


Professional motion effects, image touch-ups, and a myriad of other special touches can be accomplished with just a few clicks of the mouse. The resulting DVD Tribute Video is a cinematic-quality, professional, and personal way to honor a loved one.


For even more of an emotional impact, add funeral music, a popular song, or a spiritual hymn that was special to your loved one. The musical style that represents the deceased in the prime of his or her life or, if they were musically gifted, a recording of them singing or playing an instrument can add richness and a personal touch to your tribute.


With the immense library of video clips that your funeral director can access from an online library, you have a nearly unlimited resource at your disposal. With your help, your funeral director also can select an intro and ending that best reflects your loved one’s true self. These professionally-crafted video clips can be added to the start and finish of your video, adding polish and flair.


The DVD Tribute Video your funeral director can create in-house will be distinctive — a true creation of your heart. Play it throughout viewing hours to share with guests, or use it as a centerpiece of the funeral service. Ask your funeral director to burn copies for you to distribute to family and friends because it will be a treasure you will want to share.


Download Tribute Center for free to create beautiful Tribute Videos for the families you serve!