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Written by Matt Frazer


One of the most important things a funeral director can do nowadays is personalize a funeral service. Families want to celebrate the life of their loved ones. Personalization matters, especially for funeral stationery and funeral register books.


To assume that a generic funeral register book would be adequate is old-fashioned thinking. The bereaved want to embrace those who have passed away, with funeral stationery and keepsakes that highlight their distinctive personalities and show the world what made this person special.


The growing need to personalize a ceremony completely, all the way down to the register book, provides funeral professionals a chance to present their families with the most fitting personalization solutions. The trick is to find a funeral software program that’s simple to use, inexpensive, and can be used to create personalized funeral register books in-house. This is the distinction between an amazing outcome and an overwhelming task to finish.



When personalization is at stake, it’s all about the options. Funeral stationery software that gives families more than 500 different layouts reflective of the interests and also the distinctive characteristics of a loved one’s life makes personalizing funeral stationery more complete. With this sort of all-inclusive funeral software, the only thing the funeral professional must do is to review the choices with their client family and click a few buttons. The layouts are pre-formatted and pre-designed so that the finished funeral stationery and funeral register books are professional in appearance and quality.


Easy to Use

When choosing a funeral stationery software for your funeral register book creations, take into account the time and energy it takes to enter and re-enter information into different programs and pieces of individual stationery. Let’s face it; it’s just a time-consuming and senseless task to type the same information again and again. For a more simple solution, funeral stationery software that can connect to the funeral management system that’s already in place is ideal. Once the data is entered, there’s no need to re-enter it for any of the funeral stationery, including the register book — simply click a few keys and you are done.



Keeping inventory for a large selection of funeral register books would be extremely costly for a funeral home. But that’s what’s great about the latest funeral stationery software. Simply purchase blank stock and be able to create as many or as few of each design and each piece of funeral stationery. This can save the funeral home a bundle and enable them to pass the savings on to their client families.


Become a leader in the funeral profession. Say goodbye to generic funeral products. Give your clients the ultimate in funeral personalization with custom funeral register books and funeral stationery.


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