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Written by Matt Frazer


Technology is a wonderful asset to the funeral profession in many ways. Now, funeral directors can track client family information using funeral software, they can create personalized funeral stationery in-house, and even create cinematic-quality Tribute Videos.


As with other aspects of life, technology changes things — usually for the better. How client families and funeral directors used to handle certain aspects of a life celebration are no longer needed or the process has been updated and infused with technology. One example is the replacement of funeral memory boards with Tribute Videos. This technology upgrade has definitely been for the better. Better for client families and better for funeral directors.


Funeral Memory Boards

Funeral memory boards traditionally were created by family and friends of the deceased. Usually, a point person from the family would contact others to gather photographs and memorabilia that would bring the memory of the person to mind as each visitor paid their respects at the funeral home.


Thick poster boards were used to tape photographs and printed words such as “In Loving Memory” or the person’s name to the board. Ribbons, bows, or other stickers were used to further decorate the memory board.


After the funeral or memorial service, typically an immediate family member would take the memory boards home and put them in a closet for safe keeping. The boards were too inconvenient and large to easily share with others after the services had concluded.


Tribute Videos

Now, Tribute Video software offers a way for the funeral director to take those pictures and make a unique keepsake. The photographs still need to be collected by the family, but once they are gathered, they are given to the funeral director. Any family videos the bereaved would like to include in the tribute can be sent electronically to the funeral director. A favorite song or selection of funeral music can be chosen by the family and any special psalms, quotes, verses, or poems also can be included.


Once these elements have been selected, the funeral director can open up the Tribute Video software program, scan the photos, and import the videos. A theme can be selected for the Tribute Video — most families usually use the same one that they are using on their funeral stationery so that everything is well-coordinated.


In minutes, the funeral professional can combine pictures, video, music, and any text the family would like to include. Burning duplicate copies is as easy as clicking a button. The family can order as many copies as they wish to have or to give to others.


Once complete, these little movies become part of a family’s history and are treasured keepsakes — not something that needs to be stuffed into a back closet and forgotten. They can be watched again and again.


Tribute Video software is simple and affordable — for both the client family and the funeral director. Isn’t it time you started offering technology solutions like Tribute Videos to the families you serve?


Download Tribute Center for free to create beautiful Tribute Videos in honor of your families’ loved ones.